Remember that it’s not all about red wines when you have your wine and cheese tasting. There are lots of white wines they go extremely well with cheese. If you’re having an events that involves a wine and cheese pairing, make sure that you cut all of the semi soft cheeses and hard cheeses beforehand. Many guests will not enjoy having to share knives to cut their own cheese. Remember, if you cut soft cheeses in advance they will be a mess by the time your guests actually get to them.

Wine an Cheese Are Excellent PartnersWine and cheese go hand in hand and are simple to pair.

Pick the right rind to pair with your wine and small plates avoid simply eating the interior of the cheese. A wine that is higher in acidity than most will bring out the gaminess of the cheese. As the saying goes what’s grows together goes to. If you’re unsure about which wine to pair with your cheese or which cheese to pair with your wine, just do a little research and see which ingredients are growing in the same vicinity.

Devils on Horseback

Devils on Horseback are a great treat for pairing with your wine. The dish consists of dates stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. While there are nearly countless cheese to try, it is always nice to have unique food complements with your wine and cheese. This particular dish goes well with or any sparkling white wine. You can serve it alone or on top of thin toast crackers. You can use prosciutto instead of bacon for the wrap and add almonds inside if you wish. Pair this with any white wine and you’ll have a hit. However, you might want to avoid fruity, sweeter wines with this dish. You’ll get tangy and savory flavors that only take a few minutes to create.

Citrus Shrimp KebabsShrimp kebabs are a great, and easy, treat for wine pairing.

Citrus and shrimp kebabs are such a delicious and quick dish for your wine and cheese plate. Make a simple blend of your favorite flavors with olive oil or coconut oil and add this seasoned glaze to your shrimp while they’re on the skewer. Only add two thirds of the mixture to the shrimp, you’ll need the rest of the glaze to add as a topping just before serving. The thickness of the glaze is entirely up to you. Place the skewer directly on the grill for that authentic grill flavor and markings. You’ll end up with gorgeous food that tastes even better than it looks. Pair this with a white wine or lighter red wine.

Grilled Oysters with Parsley Butter

While raw oysters are quite appealing all by themselves, grilling them provides another flavor altogether. Don’t be intimidated by oyster preparation. You can create a sumptuous dish by adding simple herbs. The parsley butter sauce is the key component here. Soften the butter and add a mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic. Add finely ground romano cheese if you want to create something extra delicious. Add fresh lemon juice and a healthy pinch of parsley. It only takes two or three minutes to grill the oysters at 500 degrees. Once you’ve done the quick grilling, add the butter sauce. Once the inside of the oyster has begun to bubble, you’ll know it’s time to add the sauce. Allow the oysters to chargill for just a few minutes, and pair this with a bold Pinot Noir.