Feeling Worn Down?

You know what I absolutely hate? Sleepless nights. Not getting enough sleep is far worse than feeling tired the next day. It means that you have a hard time focusing, remembering things, and you can even develop mood swings that make you unpleasant to be around. Research also suggests that it’s easier to get sick if your body isn’t properly repairing itself at night.

Plenty of sleep aids are available to help overcome these symptoms, but I always found the side effects to be even worse. Who wants to be groggy the next day, or develop a physical dependence on a pill just to get some rest? Thankfully, I recently discovered a product called VitaSleep PM that helps me get the recuperative sleep I need to manage my wine business. And handle the day-to-day as usual.

Weary Traveler

If you didn’t know, I work in the wine industry as an importer, exporter, and wholesaler. I travel to all of the world’s top-rated vineyards and wineries to make sure that I offer only the best to my clients. Tough life, right?

Jokes aside, traveling so often made it very difficult for me to get the sleep I needed. VitaSleep PM helped me fall into a deep, regenerative sleep on long car rides or flights. This unique supplement ensures that I’m ready to get to work as soon as I reach my destination.

You probably don’t have the same job I do, but feeling refreshed means you’re able to stay focused and alert during work, school and in life. And for those who travel often VitaSleep PM can be the answer to finding sleep loss relief. You can’t perform your best unless you are ready to tackle the day head-on.

Ingredients I Trust

get the sleep you need with vitasleep pmOne of the reasons I decided to try VitaSleep PM is because I trusted all of the ingredients in it. The most important group of ingredients is a Prop Blend containing lemon balm, chamomile, Inositol, hops, and Valerian. Every ingredient in this blend helps reduce stress, relaxing the nervous system for optimal sleep. Entrepreneurs like me sometimes struggle to stop thinking about work while trying to fall asleep, so this helps me a lot!

Another important component is called GABA. GABA, or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, is a neurotransmitter that chemically tells the brain when it’s time to “shut off.” This really helps promote a restful night’s sleep!

VitaSleep PM contains several other vitamins and minerals as well. For example, Vitamin B3, calcium citrate, and magnesium help my body restore itself while sleeping. Melatonin is also a proven sleep hormone that compliments the rest of the formula.

Other ingredients include 5HTP, L-Theanine, and Pyridoxal Phosphate. Every item in VitaSleep PM is carefully formulated to promote more melatonin, settle down your nerves, and create a sense of peace as you drift off to sleep.

VitaSleep PM Solved It All

I’m an inquisitive guy by nature, so I sought out VitaSleep PM reviews to see how other people were faring with it. I found a bunch, including helpful reviews on JensFunFinds. Jen’s review of the product helped me to understand how Dr. Handwerger, the mind behind the supplement, “Developed a keen understanding of the natural and nutritional workings of the human body over the course of his career.” His research led to a healthy sleep solution, and it made me trust in what he had accomplished.

Healthy Heart Digest also recounted another account of the supplements abilities. I was particularly drawn to one phrase over the others. “No adverse side effects” was what caught my attention and I immediately felt it was exactly what I needed. No grogginess when I traveled or when I work with my clients? That was really important to me!

Anti-anxiety medications typically carry a host of harmful side effects that make taking them miserable. They can also prove to be habit-forming, creating an all-new set of problems to contend with. Reading so many assurances that VitaSleep PM did not cause these issues made me much more confident that it was right for me.

My Two Cents

take on the day with vitasleep pmIf you’d like to try it for yourself, you can order it for $73 per month. Though it might seem a little steep, its results are definitely worth it in the end. Bulk orders can also get you a better price, so you can consider this option as well.Two are only $118, while three cost $143.

VitaSleep PM gives me the energy and clarity I need to run my business, and live my life to the fullest. And I believe it can do the same for you! Let VitaSleep PM help you regain a healthy a normal sleep cycle and grab a bottle or two from their website today.