Have you always wanted to be one of those people that actually have insightful comments when delicately sipping wine at a dinner party or restaurant? If honing your palette is on your list of to-dos, joining a wine of the month club could be just the answer. Wine of the month clubs allow you to experience a wide variety of wines from all over the world; thus training your palate to recognize the differences and features of wines from different regions.

With the majority of wine clubs, joining is simple and cost-effective. Often all you need do is answer some simple questions regarding your taste preferences, and the club will build you your own personal flavor profile; that way, any wine subscription boxes you receive will be chosen to satiate your inner sommelier. Below is my humble take on the best eight wine of the month clubs most worthy of your time and consideration for 2018.


Mike Asimos' Top Wine of the Month Clubs

1) California Wine Club

When you join the California Wine Club, you will be delivered the highest in quality wines, boutique quality, mostly handcrafted. Your selection will come from all over the world, and there are five wine-club levels to choose from to best suit your preferences:

1. Premier
2. Signature
3. International
4. Aged Cabernet
5. Pacific Northwest

Depending on your chosen wine-club level, price ranges from $39.95 – $235/month for two monthly bottles.

2) Winc

Joining Winc is simple as you only need to answer six questions regarding your top flavor preferences. Then you can enjoy customized wine selections delivered to your home monthly. The club membership is free, with the wines starting at $13/bottle.

3) Cellars Wine Club

Starting at $29/month, you will enjoy the delivery of wine sure to delight your palette. Cellars Wine Club is a great choice for exploring new wine selections or squirreling some away for the perfect host gifts.

4) Gold Medal Wine Club

If your interest falls more into the award-winning wine arena, the Gold Medal Wine Club could be for you. You will enjoy a sampling from a host of award-winning wines from some of California’s most prestigious wineries. The cost for this club is $39/shipment.

5) Vinebox

Vinebox is a great option for those wanting to try a variety of smaller portions as the delivered wine subscription boxes contain wine amounts by the glass. The joining cost starts at $29/month.

6) Hello Fresh Wine

With your Hello Fresh Wine membership, you will receive an assortment of six wines monthly: red, white, or mixed wines. The cost is $89/month including shipping.

7) Blue Apron Wine

Blue Apron Wine is a great option for those wanting to perfect their wine-pairing skills. In addition to a delicious assortment of wines from around the world, the boxes come with pairing recommendations, tasting notes, and each wine’s individual story. The cost is $65.99/month including shipping.

8) Glassful

A membership with Glassful will get you three hand-picked bottles of wine based on your specific taste preferences. The cost is $54/month.