As a middle aged man, I often have to rely on vitamins and supplements to keep my body up and functioning efficiently. One of the supplements that I rely on both for my physical fitness and my overall health is Testofen. With Testofen, I can feel as energetic and satisfied with my muscle as when I was a younger man. Here’s how it works.

Testofen®: Free Testosterone Boosting Agent

Testofen is an extract of the fenugreek plant that has been shown to offer numerous health benefits for men, including improved sexual desire and performance, greater muscle satisfaction, increased energy, and a reduction in the symptoms of Andropause (male menopause). Its manufacturer, Gencor, ensures that Testofen contains only fenugreek extracts comprised of 50 percent Fenuside™, the company’s name for their standardized saponin glycosides. This ensures that you are taking a high quality product every time you use Testofen.

My Favorite Free Testofen Products

I previously compiled a list of my favorite testosterone-boosters, that help improve free testosterone levels. Here were are few of my favorite from that post:Nugenix Review

Nugenix combines the male enhancement properties of Testofen with essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc, B6, and B12 to help you feel an increase in stamina, sexual interest, and performance.

Ageless Male is another high-quality product with Testofen in its formulation. Regarded as the number one testosterone booster on the market, Ageless Male improves sex drive and performance in the gym by raising testosterone in a safe and sustainable manner. I find that it gives me the energy I need to actually go to the gym after a long day at work. Since my last post, Ageless Male has released a new advanced product called Ageless Male Max.

Test X180 is also a powerful supplement containing Testofen. It improves my libido while simultaneously giving me the confidence and endurance I need to get through the day. If I gain a couple of pounds, I make sure to take full advantage of this product’s ability to burn away fat as well.

Sometimes, I also like to take Testofen in its purest form, without the other ingredients contained in the supplements above. I can do this with Swanson Vitamin’s Testofen supplement. Swanson uses only the highest quality ingredients and partners to produce its products and manufactures them to the strictest NSF International standards, so I can trust what I’m putting into my body with their Testofen supplement.

Positive Testofen Reviews

I’m far from the only person enamored with the benefits of Testofen, as numerous reviews of the supplement are available online. Amazingly, they are nearly all positive! For example, Consumer Health Digest cited the many benefits of Testofen in their review of the supplement. They also discussed some of the clinical trials supporting it and the fact that it has no adverse side effects when used as directed.

Protein Factory, a supplements blog run by expert Alex Rogers, also advised using Testofen instead of a different fenugreek product. Most knock-offs use Chinese fenugreek, an ineffective placebo that does nothing but decrease your bank account. Mr. Rogers has over a decade of real experience working in the supplements industry, giving his opinion more value than the average one you could find online.

To sum up, fenugreek extract can help middle-aged men regain the vitality of their younger years, but only if the proper product is used. I myself am a walking testimonial to the efficacy of Testofen, and encourage you to try it if you are struggling with the symptoms of Andropause.