Siren Guard Review

Personal protection is important, but the traditional approach to it is to carry a weapon around. Many people may never be comfortable doing so. Some people may not be sure they could bring themselves to use it effectively in an emergency, potentially making it more of a protection liability (the attacker might feel threatened by the weapon even if the person can’t use it) than an asset. I, personally, looked for a viable alternative, and finally found the Siren Guard.

Weapon-Free Protection

The Siren Guard is not a weapon at all. Instead, it’s a personal alarm attached to a key chain that fits in the palm of my hand. I simply remove the pin located on the side of the device to activate it, at which time it produces 130dB of sound. Even better, it sounds just like an approaching siren, forcing my attacker to flee in all likelihood.

This makes it great for me, but weapon-free protection is also handy for those unlikely to prevail in an altercation. Children and senior citizens can feel much safer if “armed” with a Siren Guard. Likewise, hikers or backpackers at risk of getting lost in the woods can activate the device to help emergency personnel find them in time. College students walking home at night, entrepreneurs out and about late at night, and anybody with a chronic medical condition who could need medical assistance in a moment’s notice can all benefit from this product. Overall, there is a broad target audience for this product.

Why I Chose Siren Guard

Siren Guard Review

If anybody doesn’t know, I lead a busy career in the wine industry. I love what I do, but I often work odd hours and end up walking home (or to a hotel) late at night. The Siren Guard helps me feel safer because I can summon help whenever needed, even if I’m a little tipsy from trying a few new products. Hey, it’s part of my job!

The Reviews Are Pouring In

As much as I would like to claim the credit, I’m not the first person to discover the Siren Guard. Serial entrepreneur Agam Berry recently posted a Siren Guard review on his personal Medium account. He highlighted the importance of weapon-free protection.

Likewise, a STEEMIT user detailed how easy the device is to use. Even his elderly mother figured it out with minimal difficulty, and she is a true technophobe!

Finally, Andrew Dorko reviewed the product on his personal website. He detailed the great discounts the manufacturer is currently offering, making now a great time to protect the whole family!

My Review Of Siren Guard

The best place to purchase this handy device is on You get two devices for the price of one ($42.90). Alternatively, you can get five of them for the cost of two ($82.90). If you want to give one to even more people, you can buy 10 for $122.90 or even 20 for $202.90!

I purchased the Siren Guard a couple of months ago, and thank God I haven’t needed to activate it in an emergency yet. However, I feel more secure when it’s in my pocket, suggesting that it is giving me the peace of mind I have been searching for. I strongly recommend this product to anybody concerned with their personal safety.