The world and its people have never been so disorganized. Technology was supposed to make people become smart at work and everything else they do. However, it has also made people a tad lazy, and less motivated and driven to get things done. In other words, procrastination has become the order of the day. Jeff Sutherland wants to change that through his book “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time”.

Book Synopsis

What is Scrum? Scrum is basically a framework for finishing complex tasks and projects. Originally, Scrum was devised to assist with software projects. Later on, it was discovered the framework can be implemented in other fields of work. But incorporating this project management technique into non-software companies is not that easy. There’s quite a lot of learning and effort that need to be invested. Jeff Sutherland, through his book, bridges that gap by deciphering the management tool and making it easier for people from other walks of life to comprehend and benefit from Scrum. To achieve this goal, Jeff comes up with several real-world examples and engaging stories.

Why Should You Read This Book?

There are several reasons why you should consider reading this book. The following are some key takeaways:

Makes You Believe

The biggest reason why you should read this book is that it helps you believe in yourself. The overall objective is not just to help you get tidier with your daily routine, but also to push you into doing things that you may have considered impossible or others may not even bet a penny on you accomplishing it. It doesn’t mind if you dream of inventing a revolutionary technology, devising a fresh education system, or coming with a permanent solution to eradicate global poverty and hunger, this book would make you believe in your dreams.

Helps Identify Your Impediments

Moving ahead or making progress is not that easy if you’re not aware of the obstacles that lie in your path. Unfortunately, most people who dare to dream have their eyes only on their goal, and they ignore what’s preventing them from reaching their destination. This book helps you identify those roadblocks.

Practical Value

Most inspirational books and stories have very little connection with the real world. They transport the reader to an imaginative world that’s replete with issues and hurdles that aren’t representative of real-life issues. Jeff Sutherland’s book stays grounded in its approach and talks about problems and solutions incorporating real-world examples. As a result, the reader is able to relate to the discussions and apply the learned principles to his own scenario.

Multi-Faceted Narrative

Scrum doesn’t come from a single line of thought. The words of wisdom and encouragement you come across in this book originate from different fields and topics of interests such as martial arts, advanced aerial combat, judicial decision making, and robotics, to name a few. This unique blend of multiple perspectives and schools of thought make for an engaging read.

Leadership Lessons

To succeed as a leader, knowing Scrum is important. Scrum doesn’t cater to or help enhance a specific type of leadership. All kinds and forms of leaders would benefit from this project management tool, right from corporate managers to battalion heads. Modern-day challenges cannot put up with inefficient, slow work. Leaders have to be extremely quick, productive, and deeply committed to their goals. Long story short, there’s no success without Scrum.

For the Masses

As aforementioned, Scrum is a complex management framework that the non-technical clan may have a hard time deciphering and learning. Jeff Sutherland breaks down Scrum into simpler words and sentences so that the management tool doesn’t escape the masses. The several quotes, metaphors, and lively stories add to the ease of comprehension. A good teacher is someone who can help even a 5-year-old kid understand complex concepts. And Jeff Sutherland has managed to accomplish that fairly well.

Conclusion – Is it worth it?

Scrum is a fantastic book for any executive or entrepreneur looking to streamline their business and get things done in less time.  If you’re familiar with the normal hustle and bustle of starting a new business, Scrum could really provide some insight into organizing and breaking down your work into specific tasks.  I’ve found it very helpful for my business and managing clients around the world.  Check it out when you get a chance!

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