Testosterone Boosters continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, these supplements are designed to increase testosterone levels in men, which help them feel more energetic and livelier. These boosters also help men increase sexual desire and performance while combating fatigue and tiredness due to aging. With so many boosters on the market, however, how does one select the right brand? According to industry experts, it may be a matter of trying different products out to see which ones you meet your needs. Here is a list of some of the testosterone boosters which continue to receive stellar industry ratings and reviews.


Nugenix is a powerful testosterone booster designed to increase sexual drive and performance. In fact, this unique supplement also helps you feel stronger while increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue. Nugenix has received an amazing 5 stars on Google and is available over the counter. The supplement also continues to receive great reviews across the world, and is designed to secure the following:

• Combat tiredness, fatigue, and lack of energy.
• Increase interest in sex, sports, social and healthy activities.
• Battle depression, anxiety, and lack of mental clarity. Nugenix is also known to stimulate moods and helps people feel more focused and direct.
• Combat aging, chronic stress, and weight gain — as well as lack of sleep/insomnia.

As men grow older, they begin to lose vital testosterone and energy levels. This prevents them from leading normal, happier and productive lives. Lack of testosterone also slows down their desires for sex, and can seriously impact their moods as well. In fact, testosterone loss is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunctions in men — known as Andropause.

Nugenix has a great blend of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that the body needs each day. This includes zinc, along with vitamins B6 and B12. Nugenix also features an essential testosterone booster complex made from herbal extracts. These are designed to replenish testosterone levels while helping men feel more energetic and connected to their minds, bodies, and environments.

You can find more information about Nugenix at www.nugenix.com.


Testofen is another popular male enhance product — designed to replenish and boost testosterone levels. This product continues to receive great reviews and can help men build muscle and improve libido for sexual performance. If you are experiencing loss of energy or sexual drive, Testofen simply is for you. In fact, this is a proven male testosterone enhancer with several key ingredients. This includes Alpha T1 and Synthroid — designed to increase energy levels and reduce sluggishness. Testofen even tackles anxiety, stress, and lack of mental clarity in aging men. Here are a few more benefits of using Testofen for replenishing testosterone in the body:

• Testofen was created by Gencor and has gone through stringent tests and positive clinical studies.
• Testofen has been proven to increase sexual drive, libidos, and performance for men.
• Testofen has been proven to replenish and increase vital energy levels while boosting metabolism and increasing strength.
• Testofen has been proven to convert fat into lean muscle — and should be a supplement for all men that want to look and feel better!

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Ageless Male

Ageless Male is considered the number one product for naturally increasing testosterone levels. In fact, this product is specifically designed for men that are overweight, tired, and have lost interest in sex. As a major breakthrough in the science of testosterone, Ageless Male guarantees more energy and productive workouts. In fact, so many men now feel better, stronger, and more confident than ever before. This is due to a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in Ageless Male. This product continues to receive amazing reviews and will:

• Increase testosterone levels safely and efficiently.
• Improve workouts and increase vital energy levels.
• Boost sexual drive, libido, and performance.
• Improve moods, combat stress, reduce anxiety, and make you feel strong and energetic again!

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Test X180

Test X180 naturally raises the levels of testosterone in your body. This helps improve workout performance while sculpting the muscles and burning away fat. It also heightens sexual appetite and desire, along with increasing energy and combating fatigue. From work and sports to social activities — Test X180 gives you that extra edge to perform at peak rates. This amazing testosterone supplement has received amazing reviews, and guarantees the following:

• Increased energy and testosterone in the body.
• More confidence, energy, and strength for daily activities and chores.
• Increase sexual drive, libido, and performance.
• Convert fat into lean, healthy, and attractive muscle.

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If you are tired of feeling tired, now is the right time to get your energy and strength back. These testosterone boosters are considered the best products on the market today. Before starting on any testosterone supplement, however, you must consult with your primary care physician first.