Patriot Health Alliance is a U.S.-based company whose mission is to help consumers support their well-being, overall health, and energy levels with the very best supplements available. The company also offers a wide range of nutrition education resources on its website. Here is why I’ve come to love and trust this supplement company.

Patriot Health Alliance Review

How I Came Across Patriot Health Alliance

As an active man over the age of 55, I always have my eyes and ears to the health news in search of high-quality green drink supplements.  A friend recommend Patriot Power Greens and that’s how I first discovered Patriot Health Alliance and there many products. I decided to check them out and read up on some reviews on them. In addition to the company’s Facebook reviews and multiple blog items I found, it seems that people of all ages (and all over the world!) have positive things to say about the range of products from Patriot Health Alliance. Patriot Power Greens

A few of the Facebook reviews caught my attention because they noted how Patriot Power Greens not only tasted great, unlike most green supplement drinks, but boasts a uniquely lengthy list of powerful ingredients at a fair price. Other Facebook reviewers pointed out that the supplement contains more than 35 organic super foods while similar products include only four or five of these healthful components in their green drinks.

After reading a dozen or so of the company’s Facebook reviews and five or six blog posts by health enthusiasts like myself, I decided to give the Patriot Power Greens a try. I’m glad I did. See below for a more detailed explanation of why I became a dedicated fan of this incredible product.

Some of My Favorite Patriot Health Alliance Products

Of course, the company makes products other than Patriot Power Greens, and even though I began with just that one supplement, I was so impressed that I decided to try some of their other supplements. Nowadays, my two favorites are Digestive Freedom Plus and Patriot Power Greens. But before discussion their other products, let me mention why I was so pleasantly surprised with Patriot Power Greens.

Patriot Power Greens contains at least 40 different vegetables and fruits that include some of the most nutritious substances around, like spirulina, kale, spinach, prunes, coconut water, beet juice, and dozens of others. Nearly everything on the label is organic and most are known to help the digestive system.

The product not only tastes good, but it contains several enzymes that help digestion. I really like that every serving of the product only has 20 calories but packs in plenty of nutritional power, assists the body’s natural digestive process, is a proven energy booster and helps fight fatigue.

Digestive Freedom Plus Digestive Freedom Plus

I was also new to the company’s product called Digestive Freedom Plus. Like Patriot Health Alliance’s other products, it was created by a physician who specializes in aging and is board certified. Digestive Freedom Plus helps people avoid all sorts of annoyances like bloating, gas, burping and related after-meal problems. A few drops of the supplement in a drink before a meal is all it takes.

Ingredients like milk thistle, ginger, fennel and about a dozen more have been extensively researched and designed for the entire digestive system. All its ingredients in Digestive Freedom Plus are non-GMO and work rather quickly. I was surprised that it allowed me to continue to eat many of my “trigger foods” and still not have any trouble with digestion.

How to Get Patriot Health Alliance’s Products For Yourself

The smartest way to purchase any of the company’s products is to buy directly from their website. Beware other Internet stores that sell the same products but at a huge markup. Stick with the source and you’ll save money. There are also some rather generous bulk discounts available at the company’s website that are unavailable elsewhere.