Wine pairing with food is really your personal choice because taste senses vary with each individual. It is not a requirement or rule for any particular food to be eaten with any special wine. You should simply eat whatever you like. However, it is great to have a good idea of what food is usually paired with certain wines. Especially of if you are a newcomer on the wine scene.

My Favorite Food and Wine Pairs

The Barbera is often found in any restaurant that serves Italian foods. Dishes that have tomato as the main highlight are preferred with this wine.

Malbec is said to taste a lot better when had with grilled steak. This is a French heritage wine brought to Argentina and quickly became a favorite among the natives.

Beef, roast lamb and other hearty dishes are best paired with the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine can easily be labeled as one of, if not the most well-known red wine in the world.

Nebbiolo wine is best paired with cold meats and also braised beef. The Nebbiolo grapes are used to create high-end wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco

The Pinot Noir wine is the choice for the dinner table at Christmas. This wine pairing is most times with roast lamb and turkey. Soft, creamy cheeses also go well with this medium bodied wine.

A lightly chilled Gamay is perfect when served with spicy sausages, barbecued sardines or grilled vegetables. This wine is the affordable alternative to the well-loved Pinot Noir.

Merlot wine pairing with turkey at Christmas time is quite common. However, it is just as lovely served alongside roast duck and chicken, as well as wintry casseroles.

A wine that goes well with roasted mushrooms, vegetables or lamb is the Tempranillo grape wines. This is the preferred wine for vegetarian dishes.

Grenache has a distinct flavor of cinnamon and candied fruit. It is found to be great with cassoulet, game and countryside hearty dishes.

Roast venison is one of the hearty dishes that are often paired with the Zinfandel wine. A less hearty dish that is great for pairing with this wine is field mushrooms sautéed.

The Sangiovese is versatile and serves well with restaurant or home-made pepperoni pizza. It is also known to be paired with pasta eaten with rich sauces made for meats.

Negroamaro is well-known for the deep, dark color and bitter berry fruit flavor. This bitter black wine is paired with sausage dishes of a spicy nature as well as pasta bakes.

Bear in mind that these are simply guidelines. You might like the recommended wine pairing, but your unique taste is the final decider in which food tastes better paired with a particular wine. A general advice is that you serve red wine with heavy foods such as red pasta and beef, rather than with opening courses or appetizers. Drink red wines in a selective manner, from light then move on to the darker ones. Use your own taste buds to tell you what you will enjoy eating and drinking together.