Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) or Network Chiropractic care is a unique modality of Chiropractic care. Instead of using sudden manipulations of the body and unassisted by devices or tools, network chiropractic is a much more natural technique that puts emphasis on using the body’s own abilities of healing and recovery into a unique treatment plan.

Traditional Chiropractic vs Network Chiropractic


By using their hands, network chiropractic practitioners work with the natural rhythms of the patient’s own body through precise contact on the spine. The patient becomes an active participant in this way focusing on breathing and natural rhythms. Many people will become much more aware and in tune with how their body responds to this type of healing. A goal of this modality is to empower patients to continue the healing process even after they leave the clinic.

Traditional Chiropractic techniques differ in that the practitioner uses techniques that involve adjustments by manual physical manipulations and corrective measures that can involve the use of drop tables, machinery and devices to achieve the desired results. This is a more invasive approach that tends to ignore the clients own natural rhythms in favor of a more rigid approach.

Network Chiropractic is more gentle and far less invasive which allows for the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to work with the techniques as a native, rather than passive, participant. The effects are not just physical with network chiropractic. Long held emotional traumas stored in the body can also be addressed. It can be a life changing experience as old wounds are released leading to feeling more energy and living a fuller life.

Why I Chose Network Chiropractic

In my own personal experience I prefer network chiropractic over traditional methods because it is far less invasive and more relaxing. Simply being able to relax and feel intuitively that my body is healing and restoring without what tends to be a physical and intrusive visit as I have received from regular Chiropractic care, gives me a more positive experience. I am aware that traditional Chiropractic care can be effective for certain conditions, but I have become much more attuned to what my body responds best to over the years and network chiropractic is my preferred choice of treatment.

After being involved in an auto accident, my back was fairly injured. Recovery was slow and I knew I would need the assistance of a therapist. Having had traditional Chiropractic adjustments in the past for unrelated issues, my intuition told me that this method would not be the right modality for what I needed. After some research I discovered network chiropractic and it clicked that this was the path I wanted to pursue to recovery. My search began to find the best therapist possible.

It didn’t hurt that after researching it a bit, I came across this video with Tony Robbins, renowned business leader in business and personal growth and someone whom I have great respect for.

How I Found a Local Practitioner

After trying a hit or miss approach using typical resources to find a Chiropractic clinic, I came upon DaoCloud. It has been a fantastic resource for finding practitioners trained in network chiropractic. With a large database searchable by my local area it was easy to narrow down the right Chiropractor for me. You can find a local practitioner in your area here:

Therapist profiles and professional endorsements give a good feel of what the practitioner is all about. Testimonials were also very useful and informative, which really helped to narrow my selection down to a perfect match. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to traditional chiropractors again, at least not while I’m still in recovery from my back injury.