Magnum Pump XR is a new dietary supplement that might be able to help men boost their testosterone levels safely and effectively. In combination with moderate exercise and smart eating, the product can possibly deliver benefits that include more productive workouts, higher libido, and increased energy. Each container has 60 capsules, with two capsules in each serving. Recommended dosage is one capsule before and one capsule after a workout each day. Thus, 60 capsules will last the average user 30 days.

Magnum Pump XR Review

Why I Gave Magnum Pump XR a Try

I gave Magnum Pump XR a try because it contains the best-known ingredients and fully discloses the amino acid combination on the product label. In addition to L-arginine, Magnum Pump XR contains four other amino acids that can work, along with the L-arginine, to boost libido, energy, stamina, and muscle-building. All work with the body’s natural processes to possibly deliver a complete testosterone boost for the average guy who works out and eats right.

What is the L-Arginine Blend?

The product’s unique L-arginine blend is unlike anything else on the market. There aren’t a bunch of mysterious ingredients or filler that serves no purpose. Everything in Magnum Pump XR plays a role in helping men achieve their best levels of performance in several ways. A-AKG is an amino acid that can help with sports performance, faster recovery, and works to cut down on muscle fatigue. A-KIC can reduce muscle damage that typically results from hard workouts. OKG and GKG can help muscle growth and reduce the breakdown of cells in muscle tissue. That means the combination of these ingredients can make for a powerful supplement.

Where to Find Magnum Pump XR

Magnum Pump XR is not available in retail stores, but can be purchased easily via the company’s website at One advantage of this arrangement is you know you are not getting a knock-off or imitation product because you’re ordering directly from “the source.” Also note that the pricing for each one-month supply of Magnum Pump XR is reasonable compared to similar products that are nowhere near the quality or reliability of Magnum Pump XR.

A one-month supply costs $98.75 and there is never a shipping/handling charge for regular orders. The company even lists a toll-free number and email address for customers who have questions or who wish to cancel an order after placing it. For those who just want to “sample” Magnum Pump XR, the company generously offers a two-week supply but in this case there is a shipping fee of just $4.99. At the end of the two-week trial, customers are enrolled in the auto-ship program and will receive a full month’s supply every 30 days, but are welcome to cancel the auto-ship anytime before or after it begins. This is one of the simplest order and trial arrangements in the supplement industry and one of the fairest.

My Honest Review of Magnum Pump XR

Magnum Pump XR Five Stars

I tried the free trial and have now been using Magnum Pump XR for two full months. I’ve noticed not only an increase in general energy in my day-to-day activities, but an enhanced sex drive and much more productive workouts. I’m not a gym rat, but do spend at least four sessions each week doing moderate weight-lifting and running a mile or two a few times per week. For my age, 60, I look very good and have always paid attention to my health. Since taking Magnum Pump XR, my muscle gain has been noticeable and the energy boost (plus the additional libido) is really a nice bonus. I wish I had found this product sooner, but am glad I did eventually discover it! I’d give Magnum Pump XR five stars out of five for effectiveness, value and high-quality ingredients.