It’s safe to say that I’m a little obsessed with Force Factor’s products. I’ve tried many over the past few years (Alpha King, most recently) and have been pleased with the results.

The latest one I decided to try is LeanFire XT because I was interested to see what benefits it could have for my body. I was a little hesitant because even though it’s from Force Factor, I’ve had mixed experiences with fat burners in the past.

Many of them made me feel like I was overheating and jittery, and it was an unpleasant experience. Well, luckily, this wasn’t the case with LeanFire XT and I’m happy to share the results below.

Fire in a Bottle: LeanFire XTLeanFire XT is an explosion in a bottle

LeanFire XT is a thermogenic fat burner that’s been crafted with high quality ingredients and a unique compound called Verilean®. Verilean helps spur the process of thermogenesis, which is one of the ways this supplement helps speed up the fat burning process.

That’s not the only major benefit of LeanFire XT, however. It also helped suppress my appetite, which is a major benefit. I have trouble with overindulging (especially when it comes to a fine dinner, wine, and decadent desserts) and that can really pack on the pounds if left unchecked.

This supplement helped me feel less hungry so I wouldn’t be as tempted to go for the late-night snacks or eat more than a normal-sized portion.

LeanFire XT also helped to boost my focus and mental clarity. The best plus is that it doesn’t come with that uncomfortable “overheating” feeling I mentioned before or any of the jittery, shaky feelings that come from a lot of the other diet pills that I’ve tried in the past. LeanFire XT provides smooth and clear energy.

I’d encourage everyone who’s interested in LeanFire XT to read this review on and watch the video. It really convinced me to give it a try.

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LeanFire XT Can Help You Reshape Your Body

I’ve written before about how I’m dealing with a case of middle-aged man body, specifically around the stomach area. I’m man enough to admit areas which I need to focus on.Get the most out of your workouts with the help of LeanFire XT

While my preference is wine, it feels like a beer belly that I just can’t seem to shake, but LeanFire XT helped me trim some of it down. I felt better when I looked in the mirror after having taken this product for a while.

Combining this two-a-day supplement (before your biggest meals) with my exercises that I was doing (trust me, you’ll look and feel way better if you can commit to a regular exercise routine) I couldn’t believe just how good my body had begun to look.

The saggy fat around my midsection had started looking much tighter and some parts of my abdomen had even begun to look – dare I say it – toned. For a man my age, the feeling of youth and masculinity my improved body gave me was invaluable.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

I’ve got to say it: Force Factor has knocked it out of the park yet again with LeanFire XT. I can’t help but recommend it to anyone who is looking for that extra bit of fat burning for their body – especially for guys my age. It’s also helped me to get some of the more indulgent aspects of my diet in check, which is such a massive benefit for me, particularly compared to some of the more expensive diet products and programs I’ve tried that haven’t been able to deliver.

You can find LeanFire XT at your local Walmart or GNC, but you can also get them just as easily on the Force Factor website. Now that you know how well it works, you have no excuse not to try LeanFire XT for yourself. Watch the fat burn away and the pounds drop and you’ll be a believer like me!