Crowdfunding is an alternative type of startup capital that involves financing your project or venture by accepting fairly modest quantities of cash from a big group of people, usually through crowdfunding websites. Regrettably, the majority of pitches on crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, do not achieve their desired fundraising targets before their stated deadlines.InventureX uses their expertise to help your crowdfund succeed.

Investors are only billed after an entrepreneur has enough supporters to get going, so any cash you raised just disappears if you come up short. To assist entrepreneurs with exploring the various crowdfunding avenues, firms such as InventureX help startups to set up successful pitches on well known crowdfunding websites. Eighty-six percent of the clients that InventureX work with manage to achieve or surpass their declared targets.

Expert Marketing for Crowfunding Connoisseurs

InventureX is based in Los Angeles and was founded over a decade ago. This performance focused crowdfunding advertising agency has served over 350 startups since 2012. In total, the company has raised in excess of $20 million on different crowdfunding portals.

This is done by creating publicity for your campaign before it is launched. Then, optimized ads on Facebook and social network marketing techniques are used to ensure that your intended audience is aware of what you are doing. Also, InventureX can improve the impact of your branding, so that your pitch really connects with your desired demographic. Typically, this involves making a promotional film, a key tactic that frequently backfires if approached without the necessary knowledge or experience. This is where InventureX really outshines its competitors.

Do You Really Need to Market a Crowdfunding Campaign?Most crowdfunding campaigns can benefit from some form of marketing services.

Yes. Crowdfunding has become extremely popular over recent years, so this has made it harder for startups to differentiate themselves from the competition on crowdfunding websites. InventureX will allow you to do precisely this, and work to meet funding targets at the same time. In the absence of a good marketing plan, you are almost certain to make at least one expensive error during your first crowdfunding pitch.

InventureX Can Help You Reach Success

Lots of businesses have already surpassed their fundraising targets, due to the input from InventureX. For instance, Noobpreneur¬†praised the company’s approach in helping startups to devise business plans that show potential investors how their cash will be used.

InventureX is well regarded by the experts and by clients alike.

The Ultimate Belt company has expressed its’ gratitude to InventureX, for the expertise it provided that allowed them to raise over $180k on Kickstarter. The New Wave Bike company reports that they enabled their crowdfunding campaign to raise over one million dollars, and smash their original funding target by almost 950 percent.

Final Thoughts on InventureX

To achieve success with crowdfunding, you need a good advertising strategy to get your campaign seen by the right people. InventureX is an advertising agency that has a proven track record.

The company has more positive testimonials from clients than any other crowdfunding agency in existence and was recently featured on It stands by its’ battle tested crowdfund advertising methods with a satisfaction guarantee for every project it works on. For startups searching for capital from the crowdfunding space, tapping into the expertise of InventureX is highly recommended.