As one of the leading direct lending companies in the industry, California-based LendPlus has consistently disrupted the mortgage market by giving its customers the resources they need to close home loan transactions as soon as possible.

Unlike traditional banks, LendPlus caters to a wider segment of borrowers that wouldn’t otherwise be able to finance the purchase of their dream homes.

I sat down with LendPlus managing partner Jacques Poujade and was lucky enough to pick his brain about insights into his industry.

Poujade is a financial expert and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in real estate finance. Read on for his take on real estate, mortgage lending, and the challenges that come with managing a company like LendPlus and be sure to follow him on Reddit as he offers some real insight which is valuable for anyone interested in personal finance or real estate.

What drew you to the mortgage lending industry?

LendPlus is a direct mortgage lender focusing on the residential market, which is basically a fusion of two interests that I pursued straight out of college. Real estate is such an interesting and exciting field because you get this opportunity to help people settle down and put down roots. However, I was fully aware of how doing so could seem impossible for many, especially for those that don’t meet the standards imposed by traditional lenders.

What’s the current trend in finance that interests you the most?

The rise of cryptocurrency is by far the most exciting innovation in finance. I am interested in Bitcoin and Litecoin, specifically. I believe that we are on our way to using cryptocurrencies as a major form of currency. This is the reason why unlike traditional financing companies, LendPlus already accepts crypto payments.

How does LendPlus differ from its competitors?

Aside from adopting the newest innovations in technology such as cryptocurrency, I think what makes us stand out is our fast and reliable application process. The main objective that we have with every client is to broker a real estate sale as fast as possible, using mortgage solutions that are tailored to the financial capabilities and needs of the client. We also have a homeless feeding program as a way to give back to the community.

What’s the biggest challenge LendPlus has encountered so far?

I really can’t pinpoint one big challenge that we faced. The finance sector doesn’t really fluctuate to a point that it affects day-to-day operations, but market disruptions tend to affect business in a real way. For example, there are situations that make potential clients suspicious of non-traditional lenders. Being consistent, reliable and transparent is how we overcome challenges like these.

How would you describe a productive day at the office?

A productive day at the office would be one where we have served every client that comes through the door. I wear many hats in the office, so one minute I could be leading a team meeting or directly dealing with a client the next. Being able to complete the tasks that we have set out for the day, which includes being a key part in real estate transactions and helping people become homeowners would be a good day for the team.