Stemless wine glasses have really caught on in wine tasting circles… but what makes them so popular? These 4 perks of stemless glasses are more than enough reason to take home your own set today. Best of all, they are a great excuse to open a bottle of wine, sit by the fire and take a much deserved break.

They Add a Modern, Minimalist Look to Your Dining Area

Chic and sophisticated, stemless wine glasses add a touch of minimal, modern musing to your dining area. You will love the way they feel in your hand and the way they make your table look less cluttered in a crowd. If you are missing the wine charms that you normally use on a stemmed glass, opt for vinyl peel and stick circle instead that goes along the bottom of the glass for a pop of personality where you want it most.

They Create More Space in Your Cabinets

You already know how difficult stemmed glasses are to store in your cabinets. They clank around and they make it really hard to keep with other dishes. One false move and boom… your glasses are sideways and broken. Worse, you are left cleaning the mess. Stemless wine glasses store better and create more space in your cabinets, making for a better, more organized way to store your drink-ware.

They Are Easier to Wash

Another place that your long stem glasses are more likely to break are in the dishwasher. Even when you place them ample amounts apart from one another, it seems like something always goes wrong and you are left heading to the store to buy new glasses a few times a year. With stemless wine glasses, you do not have to worry about rocking and clanking that can break your glasses even on the top rack of the washer. Breaks are also more dangerous to clean in the washer because shards can hide in crannies and rinse back into other dishes. If you prefer old-school washing in the sink, they are also less surface area to clean and give you a little time back to do something more fun than washing dishes… like ANYTHING else in the world other than washing dishes.

They Are Easier To Use For Gatherings and Parties

You want all of your parties to be chic… but there is nothing chic about dozens of broken glasses and everyone trying to find a good place to sit their drink. Stemless wine glasses are easier to use at parties because they are not as fragile as stemmed glasses and they are also more casual. Using this sturdier glass allows you to worry less about your favorite glasses breaking and more time to worry about having a great time with friends.

Stemless wine glasses are a great addition to your cabinet’s everyday lineup and make your evenings of sipping wine by the fire, the TV’s DVR or the great outdoors just a little more modern… and a lot more fun.