It happens to all of us: at a certain age, life finally starts to catch up. That can mean so many different things. For some people, they start to want more energy. Others wish for an increased sex drive. Many want to build more lean muscle mass. When I started to experience these desires myself, I turned to supplements.

Time after time, I walked away disappointed, feeling as though I had just wasted a good chunk of money. But that changed when I discovered Alpha King.Alpha King can amp up testosterone production.

Alpha King is a testosterone-boosting supplement from one of my favorite supplement companies, Force Factor.

I’d tried their weight loss supplements in the past and experienced great results. Naturally, when I discovered they had released a new testosterone booster, I was immediately interested.

Alpha King to the Rescue

Even though I knew of the manufacturer before testing Alpha King, I was still wary. I thought “how can this be any different from the ones I’ve already tried?”. Turns out that the answer was on the label all along.

Most similar products use an ingredient called Testofen, which is a plant extract that’s been clinically shown to help raise free testosterone levels. Unfortunately, Testofen has never seemed to work particularly well for me.

It’s lucky that Alpha King doesn’t follow the path other supplements have forged in the past. Instead of simply utilizing Testofen and calling it a day, Alpha King makes use of a specialized variant called AlphaFen. This extract is exclusively found in Alpha King supplements, and while it harnesses the same plant extract as Testofen, it is formulated in a way that makes it easier for your body to absorb and process. Easier to absorb probably means easier to see and feel results.

From Beta to AlphaAlpha King can help boost your workouts and lean muscle production too.

Remember when I mentioned that men often want to experience a heightened level of passion, particularly as they age? Well, Alpha King delivers the goods. It helped me feel in the bedroom like I did when I was a young stud. After consistently taking Alpha King, I noticed my sex drive increased dramatically, and my desire to be more romantic increased too. I’m able to be more present in the moment, and that confidence is felt by everyone around me.

What’s more is that the testosterone and libido boosts aren’t the only benefits it provides. This supplement also provides a kick in the energy department, as well. That helped me get through my days without that nagging sluggish feeling holding me back. I also noticed my workouts started to feel more productive, and my confidence increased, allowing me to take on new responsibilities at home and at work.

Is Alpha King Worth Trying?

I could leave it at one word and simply say “absolutely”, but I’ve been so impressed by this product that I have to elaborate. Not only does Alpha King get great reviews from other sites, but it’s backed by a trusted company that sells its products in GNCs across the country.

An added perk is its affordability. Even though Alpha King is more effective than most testosterone boosters on the market, it doesn’t carry a crazy price tag. If you’re like me and your age has started to slow you down more than you’d like, I can easily recommend giving Alpha King a try.

You can find Alpha King on the manufacturer’s website, on, and at GNC locations nationwide.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you felt like a king, too?