Travel is definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures. Almost everyone’s bucket list would consist of at least one place they want to visit before they die. Everyone just wants to give in into their inner wanderlust and go places. However, as it is commonly known, traveling can be downright expensive. Just the sight of exorbitant prices of flight tickets and hotel accommodations is enough for one to give up their desire to travel. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you put some effort and bit of research, there are many ways to save money on hotel accommodations and flights.

Based on all of my traveling, here are my favorite tips on how to find cheaper hotels and flights.

Cheaper hotels:

  • Take advantage of membership programs and promotions – many hotel chains provide frequent discounts and promotions that will let you book a room for cheap. If you are an educator or a nonprofit member, mention that while booking as you might get a discount or upgrade.
  • Use metasearch engines – instead of running your search on big sites like Expedia or Orbitz, try metasearch engines like Room 77, Kayak or TripAdvisor, you might just the lowest rates and best value.
  • Look for package deals – there are cases where you might get a better deal on packages even if you don’t want all the components. Of course, you would want to compare rates and do a little bit of math.

Cheaper flights:

  • Sign up for email alerts – sign up to newsletters and price alerts from your favorite airlines. Not only will you find out about sales in advance, you will be notified as well if there are any price fluctuations.
  • Use incognito mode in your browser – search for the same flight many times a day and you will likely see a massive price hike. This is because airlines are actually monitoring your search history. To avoid these price hikes, use Private mode or Incognito mode in your browser when booking.
  • Compare all your options – use websites like Skyscanner to easily compare ticket prices. Although this is not a guarantee that you will always land the best deal. There are times where you can get the best deal by buying from the airline directly.

With these tips, you should be able to save on both accommodation and ticket prices. Contrary to popular belief, traveling doesn’t have to be very expensive.