When temperatures are soaring and the heat sets in, nothing tastes quite so crisp and refreshing as a chilled white wine. A bottle of wine shared with friends is an outstanding way to celebrate the season and re-connect with those you love.

White wine for summer makes sense because it’s light and pairs well with your favorite summer foods. You can keep your meals light or settle for a snack and a glass of your favorite sauvignon or chardonnay. You probably have your wines that you know you love; they’re reliable and they taste good. But, sometimes it’s fun to try something different.

If you’re looking for a new summer white, try one of these delicious and accessible wines.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc

Hailing from Marlborough, New Zealand, the Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc carries a gentle flavor, leaving a taste of citrus on the tongue. It’s been described as tropical, and you’ll learn a little more about it with each sip. Try it with your favorite cheese, or a plate of grilled vegetables. It goes nicely with oysters too, and is a sophisticated offering at any dinner party.

La Crema ChardonnayLa Crema produces sumptuous chardonnays

When it comes to white wine for summer, there’s no more versatile and popular choice than chardonnay. It goes nicely with all of the light summer dishes you love to prepare, serve, and eat. The La Crema Chardonnay is special because it possesses a sweet apple flavor that includes just a hint of vanilla. It will start off with a celebration of melon, apple, and other tropical flavors as you begin your drink, and then turn peppery and woodsy after you’ve completed your taste. When you’re choosing your summer chardonnays, grab a La Crema.

Vidal Soblechero Vina Clavidor Verdejo

If you’d rather be spending your summer in the south of Spain but you’ve got work or school or family commitments, this white wine for summer will get you as close as you can be. It’s as crisp as they come, with a lot of weight for a white. You may notice it smells like wet grass and recently-rained-on rocks. It tastes like apples and melons, and you’ll enjoy the hint of wood after you finish a drink. Enjoy this wine with some grilled fish or anything wrapped in fresh herbs.

Cormelli Friulano

Some people insist upon Italian wines. If that sounds appealing to you, try the Cormelli Friuliano. Made in the northeastern region of Italy, this wine is known for its citrus notes as well as distinct apple and melon flavors. It’s perfect for a hot summer day, whether you’re enjoying an “aperitivo” at the end of the afternoon or firing up the grill for dinner. This is a delicate and elegant wine that brings balance to any meal.

Le Pre Vaujour Sancerre is an excellent French white. Le Pre Vaujour Sancerre

For a light-bodied French wine with both complexity and drinkability, try the Le Pre Vaujour Sancerre. It feels like a bit of a mystery with every sip, and you’ll enjoy the fresh citrus flavor. You’ll think of white flowers on long green stems and fresh linens drying in a pleasant breeze. This wine does the Sancerre region justice, helping you realize why the French do white wines so well. Relax and enjoy this wine with some oysters, a huge healthy salad covered in herbs, or your favorite cooked fish.

Choosing a white wine for summer shouldn’t be complicated. Hot summer days invite a little extra laziness and a slower pace of life. These five wines are highly rated, affordably priced, and excellent companions to your summer meals and social activities. Open a bottle and enjoy the long, lovely days of summer.