I read about Eddie Hamid, the President of iAdvance Now, a few months ago in an interview I found online. Right away, I was very impressed with everything he discussed with me. He seems to really be a successful businessman in the financial world right now, and his company is doing well. I decided to ask him a few questions about what they do and how he got into the industry and more.

Tell me a little bit about iAdvanceNow

We are a company that tries to be a solid alternative for businesses in need of funds. A lot of businesses out there need a funds at times to cover a certain expenses or address periods of the year where it’s slow. By offering our services, business owners can bypass other methods and the funds they need quick and with less resistance.

What type of businesses do you help?

We certainly help a lot of different businesses and companies out there. When you think about it, every single type of business needs money at some point or goes through a period of financial stress. We have done some applications for just a few thousand dollars, and others that are over $1 million. It always depends on the needs and size of the business so amounts definitely vary between our clients.

Have you always been interested in business and finance?

I have personally been in the industry for pretty much my entire professional life. It has been a journey for sure, but I feel like I now have a good place to be in. As the president, there are certainly no slow days, but we continue to grow at a pretty good rate.

What’s the biggest advantage in going with iAdvance Now over alternatives?

I think very few other options out there are as hassle free as us. We certainly know that asking for money at any time is a little bit tough for a business owner.

Everyone wants to pretty much make it on their own, so it is a humbling experience. It can be extremely discouraging if a person is turned down. We do what we can to make sure that a person is not discouraged.

Any crazy application stories?

The company has certainly received a few applications from people who are really not all that serious about their business and frankly, just wanted to see if we’d answer the phone – which we always do. They have a creative idea in their head, but they really have no idea how to go about taking the next steps. We usually try to help them out by pointing them in the right direction in regards to forming a true plan even if working with them as a client isn’t a fit for us today as we typically work with established businesses.

What other advise would you give to young business owners trying to navigate this world and make smart decisions?

I always tell younger people to work as hard as possible if they are passionate about something. So many times, a failed business plan comes down to lack of hard work. It is not a guarantee for success, but no one is going to get very hard without hard work.

Results come to those people willing to put in the time. It’s also important to take care of your mind and body just as much as you’re taking care of business. I’ve learned a lot on DaoCloud.com this year about the mind body connection that many high performers have as it relates to being at the top of their field. We like taking risks on those people who are hard workers as well, so usually it is a good setup overall for everyone involved. iAdvance Now always has a place for a business owner willing to go all in with an idea.