Digestive Freedom Plus My Review

Digestive Freedom Plus is a liquid GI health supplement formulated to restore colon health, relieve inflammation, and prevent common bowel problems such as constipation, gas, and bloating. A few drops of this supplement mixed with water and taken before meals can help with digestion and absorption of nutrients so you can get the best out of every meal and enjoy a healthy gut at the same time. Read on for my full Digestive Freedom Plus Review to learn more about this product.

Why Digestive Freedom Plus Stood Out to MeDigestive Freedom Plus

I was looking for a health supplement for my colon because it was acting up. Aging affects the colon and this often becomes obvious when a guy like me starts to develop GI problems that weren’t there before. I came across reviews for Digestive Freedom Plus on HealthyUSA.com and MorningHealthNews.com, both of which were very positive recommendations for this supplement. The reviews praise the supplement for its fast-acting effects and how it is easy to take. Users also like how regular use restores the healthy function of the gut, leading to benefits like higher energy levels, better sleep, and even better skin! Needless to say, all the positive feedback made me even more curious so I had to try it out for myself.

A Whole Host of Ingredients

Digestive Freedom Plus works because it contains natural, non-GMO and allergen-free ingredients that help with digestion and colon health. These include: angelica, peppermint, milk thistle, caraway, curcumin, among others. Let’s take a look at how each ingredient gives the product its potency.

Angelica is an herb that has long been used to treat constipation. Peppermint is a natural remedy for gas and bloating and also helps in bile production, which is particularly helpful for digesting oily and fatty foods. Milk thistle promotes proper digestion by stimulating the production of stomach acid and plays a role in heartburn prevention.

Caraway is a remedy for colon discomfort, as is lemon balm which relieves the discomfort brought by stomach cramps and irritable bowel conditions. Fennel, another ingredient present in the supplement, also has the same effect and boosts the supplement’s ability to alleviate discomfort caused by bloating and gas.

Curcumin helps fight free radicals in the gut. Marshmallow root aids digestion and relieves diarrhea and constipation. Iberis amara is a digestive stimulant which is beneficial for the gut and the liver. Ginger reduces inflammation and can help kill bad bacteria in the stomach, while licorice helps in nutrient absorption.

Other ingredients are chamomile and gentian. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe an upset stomach while gentian prepares the stomach for digestion by promoting the flow of saliva and stomach acids before a meal.

Pro’s of Using Digestive Freedom Plus

The best advantage when it comes to using Digestive Freedom Plus is the boost in colon health. Users report feeling lighter and cleaner. Other advantages include better sleep quality and higher energy levels. These could be due to the fact that the gut is working better, so it is able to absorb more nutrients as it eliminates toxins from the body.

The supplement also takes effect in a matter of minutes, especially when it comes to providing relief from heartburn and bloating. Caraway and fennel relieve GI discomfort in a matter of minutes, which eliminates any of the anxiety a person feels when heartburn occurs after a hearty meal.

Another benefit is that the supplement is easy to take because it is in liquid form, unlike other supplements that come in big chunky tablets or capsules. Its liquid formulation makes it suitable for those who have trouble swallowing. And because the supplement’s ingredients are natural and non-GMO, there are no side effects, unlike other colon health supplements that may contain synthetic ingredients.


There’s nothing to complain about this product except that you need to consult with a doctor first. Of course, everyone needs a medical consultation when taking any kind of supplement just to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with other medications. This can also help make sure that you are in the right physical condition to maximize the benefits of the supplement. I may have been too excited to get started on this supplement but I would recommend getting the all clear from your doctor before you try this or any other supplement. Luckily, I recently went in for my yearly physical and was given a clean bill of health.

Where You Can Find Digestive Freedom Plus

Digestive Freedom Plus is not available in retail stores. Exclusive distribution is through the manufacturer’s website. This ensures that purchasers only get the genuine product from the source. Get Digestive Freedom Plus by visiting: www.patriothealthalliance.com. Each 2 oz. bottle is enough to last one user an entire month. The product also comes with a reliable money back guarantee which is another reason to try it.

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My Honest Review of Digestive Freedom Plus

I am a healthy 50-something male, but being fit has not made me immune to the troubles that come with an aging digestive system and symptoms of leaky gut. My main problem was that my gut no longer worked as efficiently as it did when I was 20. I was more prone to heartburn, gas, and indigestion. However, Digestive Freedom Plus has restored the efficiency of my gut. My bowel movements now come like clockwork and I don’t suffer from heartburn as often as I did before. I no longer suffer from insomnia and I feel more energized.

Basically, I feel like my gut is healthier and I feel healthier overall. All these benefits make Digestive Freedom Plus a great addition to my daily health routine. I’d definitely recommend this supplement, whether you want to remedy specific GI discomforts or you just want a healthier gut.