Traveling the world and trying new wines is an exhilarating adventure every time. But, I noticed that with every glass I drank, my teeth would continually become stained. This was especially true if I had tasted several red wines the night before.

Every day we expose our teeth to food and drink that cause our smile to go from white to not-so-bright. So, I decided since I wasn’t going to give up wine (I mean how could I?), I would find a solution to prevent and remove stains from my teeth instead.

That’s where Crystal White Smile came into play. It improves the color of teeth by up to eight shades. Moreover, it’s portable, cost-effective, and doesn’t involve the hassle that other similar products have.

The majority of whitening methods leave a lot to be desired. Whitening toothpaste and strips are inexpensive and convenient, however, they often make your teeth appear cloudy. Visiting the dentist for a professional clean produces good results as well, but it can be consuming and costly to go to their office.

If your teeth yellow, or you have difficulty removing unsightly stains it can be embarrassing to show off your smile. But having a way to whiten them is one of the many ways it boosts self-confidence. Once your teeth look good, you can show off your pearly whites and also enjoy a glass of Malbec with your meal without care.

Teeth Whitening Made Easy

crystal white smile is easy and convenient to useCrystal White Smile uses a whitening gel that is identical to what dentists use, so there’s no doubt that the ingredients work. In addition, it features a brush applicator. This enables users to apply the whitening gel right onto the teeth and avoids the mess created with whitening toothpaste.

Once you have applied it, the gel has to sit for ten minutes. Then you just need to wash your mouth out and you’re finished.

The gel is activated by a compact mouthpiece, which uses LED technology. You will notice results after a couple of applications, and teeth will be brighter after thirty days.

An interesting product feature is that it can plug into any PC or smartphone via universal cables. You don’t have to worry about using batteries, and that means you won’t be running to the store for more!

In addition, it’s compact enough to carry it with you, whenever you are out and about. You could also take it with you on your daily commute or when traveling for a family holiday, for example. But can this product really work for you? The answer, of course, is yes. And this article clearly outlines why Crystal White Smile is the way to go for your teeth whitening needs!

What’s Included in Crystal White Smile?

Every kit includes an activating light and non-bulky mouthpiece with cords. It also comes with three whitening wands, a desensitizing pen, shade guide and instruction manual. There’s no guesswork when it comes to this kit, allowing you to easily use it and then go about your day.

You can buy Crystal White Smile on the manufacturer’s website. The price for a thirty-day supply is $69.00. However, if you buy two kits together it reduces the price per unit by $10.00.

The grand total then becomes $59.00 each. If you purchase three kits together, you can make further savings ($49.00 per unit).

All kits contain enough gel for thirty days, assuming that you use it as instructed (three applications each week), so eventually, you will require a refill.

The price of a thirty-day refill is $39.95, though you can save money by making another bulk order. The manufacturer has gone into partnership with, so they can provide a subscription service that costs just $29.95 for a thirty-day supply.

Ready, Set, Smile

crystal white smile makes you smile widerCrystal White Smile combines the convenience of whitening toothpaste with the effectiveness of a professional dental clean. It’s also FDA approved and suitable for vegans, so everyone can benefit from its powerful whitening abilities.

This product is unique among home whitening products. Take it from me when I say that Crystal White Smile delivers professional results, without the cost, time or inconvenience of the alternative options. It’s hardly surprising that this product has received rave reviews from many well-known websites.

Take your smile from dull to dazzling using this home system. You’ll have whiter teeth for a reasonable price and be happy you didn’t have to visit the dentist in the process! The fear of stained teeth can’t stop you now from enjoying your favorite Pinot Noir. Cheers to you, my friends.