The cigar industry has taken an interest in not only Bitcoin but cryptocurrency altogether. Using payments like Bitcoin allows for easier processing, especially when it comes to international orders where processors and mediators will make the process of obtaining payment tedious and difficult. Some cigar companies and retailers are even offering discounts for customers who pay using Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies. Here’s why you may see more online retailers and cigar shops utilizing Bitcoin as a form of payment.

What Exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of electronic currency. Since it isn’t a “traditional” form of currency, such as cash or other forms of payments that we are familiar with, Bitcoin is typically referred to as “cryptocurrency”. It’s public money that is backed by mathematical computations and policed by “miners”. In layman’s terms, Bitcoin simply represents a line of code that has monetary value. They can be treated, sold, bought, and can even be used like stock seen in the traditional stock market. Now that Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are becoming modernized, and even enjoying the spotlight in America’s supply chain, many major companies — including cigar shops — are utilizing cryptocurrency as an easy, form of payment.

How to Buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency?

Online portals have streamlined the process of purchasing bitcoins. For example, CoinBase makes it easy for people to connect their bank account and buy Bitcoin at its current value. There you can also buy other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Litecoin, both of which have gained an incredible amount of popularity in the industry.

How the Cigar Industry is Utilizing Bitcoin

Cigar manufacturers are paying suppliers in Bitcoin and for several good reasons. There are shorter processing times, with some transactions only taken a couple of minutes to complete. This ensures an efficient relationship between manufacturer and supplier and thus making production times faster. Merchants are also galvanizing the normalization of cryptocurrencies by widely accepting different forms of it.

List of Cigar Merchants Who Accept Bitcoin

Puro Express

Puro Express sells a broad range of Cuban cigars like Fonseca and Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars. They also have non-Cuban options. Those looking to purchase cigars from Puro Express in Bitcoin can switch the currency type in the right-hand corner of the website to Bitcoin to see the prices of each cigar in the currency. Puro Express also offers Bitcoin Only sales from time to time where Bitcoin users can take advantage of special pricing.

Bitcoin and Cigars

My Cuban Cigars

My Cuban Cigars cells authentic cigars in a wide way of blends and reputable Cuban brands like the Bolivar Belicosos Finos and Montecristo No.4. Bitcoin is actually the only form of currency that they accept. My Cuban Cigars offers a page on their site for users with links to Bitcoin wallets and exchanges.
My Cuban Cigars Bitcoin is an online retail and wholesale shop that sells lighters and humidification systems among other accessories. The site also provides helpful information and cigar news for aficionados and those just getting into the cigar industry. Prices are in USD but they utilize Bitpay to provide an exchange rate for bitcoins.

Cigar Box Bitcoin

Cigar Federation

Cigar Federation is a cigar shop founded in Delaware. The online shop sells favorite brands and mixes like Velvet Elvis, Fratello Oro, and Matilda Quadrata. They also have an exclusive cigar of the month club for those who want to try something new every month. Bitcoin is one of numerous other payment methods available on the site. The site also offers free shipping.


Cigar Federation Bitcoin

Cigar Shops That Take Bitcoin

Several cigar shops have taken advantage of the popularity of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Some of these shops include Vapage Premium E-Cigarettes Shop in California, MistHub in Illinois, CoolVape in Nottinghamshire, and Headshop-Bremen in Germany. Bitcoin ATM’s are also popping up in many tobacco and vape shops across the globe. Bitcoin ATMs allow users to insert cash in exchange for Bitcoin.

The legitimacy and popularity of cryptocurrencies are only going to increase as time goes on. Even though many government institutions are trying to intervene on the popularity of this form of currency, it has largely been untouched by corporatism, leaving for an independent way for small businesses like cigar shops to take control of their bottom line without the middlemen cutting into their overhead.