Why I Chose Cellogica

I travel frequently to sample wines for my business. And in doing so it stresses out my skin. I normally don’t have time to incorporate a comprehensive skincare regimen with a million steps and creams. How would I fit them all into my luggage anyway?

I had nearly given up on finding a product that was right for me until a friend told me about Cellogica. Consisting of just a day cream and a night cream, Cellogica sounded like something I could fold into my busy lifestyle.

How It’s Different Than Other Brands

get the skin you want with cellogicaOne of the biggest problems with skincare today is that almost every product is marketed exclusively toward women. While I know women want to look their best, it doesn’t mean that men don’t have the same goal. Cellogica is unique because it has a formula for men and women, helping everyone gain clearer, healthier skin overall.

Other creams are also formulated for a specific “type” of skin. But Cellogica was created for all skin types, so it works equally well for everybody. For me, that was a major point in its favor.

An Impressive Ingredient List

Cellogica stands out in a crowded space with an ingredient list that’s second-to-none. Both the Day Cream and Night Cream work by harnessing the power of plant stem cell technology. This includes extracts from a Rare Swiss Apple and Alpine Rose.

That probably seems a little abstract, but it makes sense when you consider the science of aging. Stem cells serve to produce new skin cells to help you look young and healthy, but stem cells are limited in quantity and grow less active over time. We call this degradation the “aging process.”

Swiss Apples don’t shrivel up as it ages, suggesting a natural anti-wrinkle property. Likewise, the Alpine Rose survives in some of the harshest climates on Earth, adding some durability to delicate skin cells.

cellogica provides great results Cellogica also contains RonaFlair LDP. This “red carpet” ingredient uses light diffusion that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Alongside it is a blend that makes up the Mac 5-Complex formula. SYN-COLL, Hyaluronic Acid, SYN-AKE, and Kojic Acid provide additional support in reducing under eye bags and smoothing out the skin.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. The Day Cream is applied after you wash your face in the morning and contains light ingredients. It also forms a protective barrier around your face, helping to mitigate the damage caused by UV radiation and other sources of free radicals.

The Night Cream is thicker and contains ingredients that are slower to absorb, so it is best applied at night. Its ingredients help your body’s natural regenerative processes smooth out wrinkles while SYN-AKE mimics Botox to prevent new ones from forming.

The Results Are In!

I research every product I try before committing to a purchase, so I sought Cellogica reviews to see if it was truly as effective as it claimed. It was!

One review I found on BeautyNoob.com went into detail on the product’s Mac-5 Complex in their recent review. The article noted that it helps restore collagen levels to promote skin elasticity. The Hyaluronic Acid in Cellogica also helps retain moisture for an attractive, plump appearance.

Another review on HealthyFitnessBlog.com reaffirmed how this product hydrates your skin and restores it to its former glory. So why wouldn’t I want to hop on board?

My Final Thoughts

cellogica is for both men and womenThis skin care cream delivers quality results and completely transformed my face! Cellogica is available for purchase on the company’s official website. You can get a 30-day supply for $129.95, 90-day supply for $259.90, or 150-day supply for $389.85. It’s so popular that they sometimes run out of stock, so my advice is to stock up as soon as you can.

Grab a few bottles for yourself and let it work its magic on you too! Cellogica makes it easy for you to get the skin you want even when life gets hectic.