Jazz has been around for some time now. With musical traditions reaching as far back as colonial Africa and Europe, Jazz has become an important historical legacy of cultures from the past. Jazz, however, continues to evolve, incorporating modern sensibilities and styles with age-old rhythms to produce music that evokes the past, exemplifies the present, and hints at the future.

Here are 3 new Jazz musicians who are looking to push the envelope and keep Jazz relevant in 2016:

The Hot Sardines

Crisp musicianship with a flair for bringing back memories of the golden age of jazz, The Hot Sardines is making a name for itself as one of the hottest new jazz acts. Composed of an eclectic group of passionate jazz aficionados, this group boasts a wide range of styles and techniques that meld together to bridge the greats of the past with the jazz icons of the present. With a variety of regular and temporary members, The Hot Sardines ensures that each performance is distinct from the last. Reintroducing jazz to a new, younger audience may seem like a hard task but The Hot Sardines makes this challenge seem like a breeze.

Melody Gardot

Reminiscent of the sexy jazz sirens of the past century, Melody Gardot uses her sultry voice and sassy charm to mesmerize audiences and hold listeners under her sway. A traumatic accident left Melody Gardot with a broken body and mind. Through music, she was able to push herself back up and achieve success as a jazz musician who excels in drawing her listeners in and making them feel her own emotions. Her music permeates the soul and her audience becomes a part of her journey, sharing her various experiences and reliving her struggle to heal herself.

Gregory Porter

Touted as the next big male vocal jazz star, Gregory Porter’s rich baritone seduces his listeners. A fan of upbeat, bop rhythms and uplifting vocals, Porter’s music is fundamentally jazz, but hints at influences from other musical genres as well. His catchy rhythms enhances his appeal with younger jazz fans while his style and voice reminds older generations of the jazz greats of days past. Every jazz musician relies to some degree on charisma to imbue their music with their own personal flair. Gregory Porter has a screen and stage presence that people gravitate towards. His personality as well as his music makes him on of the top 3 new jazz artists of this generation.

“The Hot Sardines, Melody Gardot, and Gregory Porter, is capable of building upon the foundation laid by the greats that came before them and continuing the evolution of jazz as a distinct genre.”

Jazz continues to influence the music of the times. From R n B to Pop, jazz permeates almost every musical genre. And the effect is mutual. Jazz in turn is influenced by the music of the times and the jazz artists of today are an embodiment of the melding of both the old and the new.

There’s not much that’s better in the evening than grabbing a glass of wine, and playing one of these artists’ albums! Enjoy.