Christmas is the perfect season to spend quality time with loved ones and friends. From family gatherings to social events, the holidays are synonymous with enticing odors and mouth-watering treats. No truer is this than when it comes to scrumptious appetizers and delicious desserts. The latter can easily be accentuated with the right blend of domestic and foreign wines, which truly bring holiday cheer and ring in the New Year like no other. From tantalizing cakes to homemade pies, here are some of the best holiday desserts that go well with your favorite bottle of wine.


Cheesecakes have long been a holiday favorite among many families. With flaky crusts, strawberries, and an assortment of cheeses — these cakes truly add a touch of class to any holiday gathering or event. According to dessert aficionados and enthusiasts, cheesecake always works well with bold and robust red wines. From Merlot and Chianti to Bordeaux, the deep-rich grapes enhance the taste of the cheesecake and are guaranteed to dazzle your taste buds. While you can also drink white wine and other blends, reds are the preferred choice that correlates with cheese dripping strawberries and other traditional cheesecake toppings.


Fruitcakes are a holiday tradition and simply a must at the dinner table. In fact, countless families across the nation continue to enjoy these fruitful delights after their favorite ham or turkey dishes. Now while most folks prefer coffee or tea with these cakes — there are many that also enjoy a nice glass of wine. In fact, Chardonnay selects seem to be a favorite when enjoying fruitcake with a small topping of ice cream. Again, the grapes found within wines help accentuate the tastes of the fruit with every bite. Red wine can be enjoyed as well, however, it is best to consume a light red as opposed to a robust selection. The latter can easily wash away the overall taste and accents that fruitcakes provide.

Pumpkin Pies

Nothing speaks the holiday’s more than delicious and hot pumpkin pies. These popular desserts practically go well with everything, including hot coffee and green tea. With its signature spicy taste to its captivating and compelling aromas, pumpkin pies can also be enjoyed with red or white wines as well. According to leading chefs and cooks, however, it is best not to overindulge in wines when eating pumpkin pie. In fact, a small glass of your favorite domestic or international blend will suffice. This will enhance the overall flavors and taste without aggravating the stomach as a whole. In many ways, having wine with pie is similar to having a heated snifter or brandy with your favorite cigar. The less is more approach is perfect since it allows you to enjoy pie and wine together during this holiday season.

Chocolate Cakes

From triple-layer to babka, chocolate cakes go incredibly well with wine. There is just something about the way chocolate interacts with your favorite glass of wine. You can also add some more flavor by adding strawberries or even ice cream to any chocolate dessert you love. However, try not to have chocolate ice cream cakes with wine — since the warmth of the wine will easily melt away the ice cream before you can even taste it. It is best to go with a non-ice cream chocolate dessert — preferably frozen. Chocolate gourmet cookies are another favorite during the holiday season. Whether you love chocolate chip or fudge cookies, these delicious snacks are perfect with your favorite glass or bottle of wine. This is one dessert that you can continuously enjoy with wines of all blends during the holidays. Some families also love chocolate pie desserts; however, these tend to taste better with hot coffees, teas, and especially Italian blends and malts.

Coconut Cakes

Coconut cakes are delicious desserts that practically go with everything .This includes coffee, tea, milk and even soft drinks. Known for its sweet and delicious fillings and flaky crusts, coconut cake also goes incredibly well with white wines. In fact, a smooth domestic blend helps bring out the overall flavor and essence of the coconut as a whole. As one of the most popular yet exotic desserts during the holidays, coconut cakes continue to soar in global popularity. If you are a desserts connoisseur, these are but a few of the best holiday desserts to enjoy with wine and capture the spirit of the holidays!