Wines or wine tastes are subjective and open to diverse interpretations. Therefore, tagging a particular wine brand or variety as the best is not easy. However, there are certain wine brands that stand out and are quite popular among seasoned wine drinkers. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best wines Chile has to offer to the world.

Montes Folly 2007

The Montes Folly 2007 is a luxury Chilean wine that can compete with some of the most premiums wines from across the globe. The brand has succeeded in positioning itself in the high-end market, and is considered among Chile’s most exotic wines. The grapes used to make the wine hail from Apalta Valley – a place that’s considered Finca de Apalta’s highest slopes. As a result, the yield is fairly low, which gives the wine its elite status. The wine is meatier, richer – in other words, it’s a blockbuster of a wine!

Casas del Bosque 2012

This heavily oaked, dark Cabernet smells like lemon, but also has a typical black fruit and cassis aroma. With a muscular palate, the tannins are firm. The black fruit flavors are peered by resiny oak, which leads to the finish having extra notes of licorice.

Montes Purple Angel 2012

Like always, Purple Angel is a hard-hitting experience. Made from ingredients grown during the warmer parts of the year, the wine is purple in color and dense, which is expected. Aromas of oak, graphite, black fruit and tobacco help make a full, jammy palate with saturated spice-laden boysenberry and blueberry flavors. The finishing touches are provided by herb, oak and tobacco, helping cement the wine’s beefy, ripe status.

Montes Alpha M 2010

This is probably most critics’ favorite Chilean wine. The wine has a deep red color and is velvety and dense. The wine’s basic structure is harmonious, merged with a generous expression of fruit and an extremely distinct character exhibiting aromas of cassis, red fruits and a bit of cinnamon and cedar. When inside the mouth, the Montes Alpha M 2010 showcases delightful coffee and vanilla notes. An additional element of complexity gets added to the wine courtesy Petit Verdot – a red wine grape variety. Overall, the wine is well-defined and mouth-filing.

Santa Rita Casa

This wine is an authentic Cabernet Sauvignon variant. Cabernet Sauvignon is among the most recognized varieties of red wine grape in the world. This wine is more natural than any other variant on this list. There aren’t many special processing techniques involved in making this wine – winemakers simply take what the nature offers them as ingredients and turn that into a magnificent and remarkable wine. This particular brand is a classic example of wine excellence. It has an exclusive identity, which has an extended ageing potential and long-lasting quality.

Casa Marin 2012

The Casa Marin has won a couple of gold medals in a specific wine challenge event held in 2011. Hailing from the Cipreses vineyard, this Sauvignon Blanc wine is quite stellar and has made a mark for itself, despite having taken stage quite recently, in 1999. Made from high-quality vines with granite and calcerous soils, the wine extract is poured into steel tanks to ferment for three weeks. There isn’t any oak ageing. With the place of origin’s cooler weather conditions, the ripening process is fairly slow, which results in a zippy, fresh Sauvignon that is more like Pouilly Fuisse and unlike Sauv Blanc from New Zealand.

Lapostolle, Clos Apalta 2009

Lapostolle Winery is Chile’s elite property, which is owned by a few French people who settled in the country during the 1990s. Like many other foreigners settling into Chile, the Marnier Lapostolles (French family) also arrived in Chile to make top-notch, high-end wine. They make three lines of wine – the Clos Apalta being the special one as it originates from a vineyard that’s quite unique from other vineyards in the country. The grapes that go into this wine are exceptionally de-stemmed manually, which is not typical of other wine-making processes. These factors when combined with slow maturing lead to a velvety, extremely concentrated wine.


As aforementioned, taste is subjective and not all the wines listed above may satisfy you the same way they satisfied us. Also, there are some other wine brands that are also good but couldn’t make it to the list due to space constraints. Chile is a place known for its rich, authentic wines, and if you ever happen to visit this South American country, try tasting all the wine varieties available.