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As a busy entrepreneur, my opportunities to truly relax and unwind are few and far between. When I get a chance for some recreation, I love to attend festivals (often in Atlanta) that offer good food, quality music, and interesting wines that I have not had the opportunity to sample before.

1. Summer

My favorite wine festival in the Summer months is the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience that took place from May 23-27 in 2018. New Orleans is a rich city with a cuisine and culture all its own, so it’s tough to go wrong there. This festival stands out because it consists of a series of loosely affiliated events rather than one organized one, helping nearly anybody find something they’re interested in.

For example, the most recent festival had an event combining bowling with bubbly, a guided tour of the historic French Quarter and its culinary history (with tastings!), and a three-hour wine tour on a petite party bus complete with stops at some of the best wine bars in town! They add events every year, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

2. Fall

I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m proud to say that my favorite Fall wine festival is in my own backyard! The Kirkwood Wine Stroll is an annual event where participating local businesses invite customers in to sample wines from around the world. There are also snacks, live music, and contests with fun prizes, ensuring that everybody has a good time.

Best of all, some of the proceeds from the event go to local educational and community charities. Attending this event always feels like a win-win, so I make sure to clear my schedule!

3. Winter

Winter offers a lot of quality wine festivals, but my personal favorite is Le Grand Tasting in Paris, France. It’s kind of a cross between a wine festival and a wine industry conference, as all of the biggest players in one of the country’s most important industries come together to celebrate another successful year. There’s a variety of wines to sample, and master tasters are present to help even novices make the most of the experience.

The best French chefs also attend the event to provide delectable pairings with all of the local wines on display. Mm mm, nothing goes with great wine like great food!

4. Spring

Spring is a great season for wine, especially if you happen to be in Italy. Vinitaly is an annual event held in Venice every April that’s widely considered one of the most important wine festivals of the year. Thousands of wineries bring their wares to impress a combination of industry professionals and wine connoisseurs, ensuring that you’re never hurting for selection!

If you’re interested in learning more about wine, there are also expert seminars at Vinitaly discussing everything from how it’s made to how to choose food pairings. If you want to truly immerse yourself in wine, this is the event for you!

Parting Thoughts To Consider

I guess that does it for my brief discussion into fine wine and travel. My day job is working as a digital marketing consultant to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams. If you’re interested in business insights, you can follow me on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hope to connect with you there!