Wine influencers are a key resource for wine lovers. To the people who do not really care about wine, any wine goes. However, to the lovers of wine, like myself, everything about their wine of choice matters; from the brand to the ingredients, to the smell and the viscosity. As a wine lover, I always seek the authorities in the ‘wine’ industry who can share helpful information. These wine authorities may be bloggers, wineries, and consumers, to name a few. In today’s global world, influencers have a global following that is usually evident from the social media engagement on these influencers regardless of their physical location. Here are the top five wine influencers that I follow daily.

1. Wine Spectator

The Wine Spectator is based in New York and focuses on tasting and rating wines. The site also shares wine-rich information on daily wine choices, food recipes, wine accessories, wine prices, and restaurants. The Wine Spectator website commands a social media following of 226,000+ people on Twitter, 264,000+ people on Facebook, and 142,000+ people on Instagram, making it my number one source for all things wine.

2. Jancis RobinsonJancis Robinson Mike Asimos Top Wine Influencers

Jancis is a UK-based wine lover and reviewer who has an expert team by her side. The entire team reviews wines, restaurants, and places, and share their experiences and knowledge on her website, Jancis commands a social media following of 263,000+ people on Twitter, 21,000+ people on Facebook, and 20,000+ people on Instagram. She offers free content to the public, but for real wine insider information, you have to pay for a membership on her site.

3. Julien Miquel

Julien Miquel Mike Asimos Top Wine Influencers

Julien Miquel is one of the key wine influencers for more reasons that his wine reviews. He is the brains and the brawn behind Social Vignerons (, which is located in France and ranks other wine influencers. Julien is not only a blogger who engages with diverse wine authorities but was also a world winemaker himself for over 10 years. For 5+ years, he led wine experts from all over the world in a wine-searching mission. He founded his website in 2014 and already won the 2015 Best New Wine Bloggers. His website’s content includes interviews, food and booze, infographics, wine basics, and wineries/ wine producers among others. He commands a social media following of 250,000+ people on Twitter, 15,000+ people on Facebook, and 41,000+ people on Instagram.

4. Wine Enthusiast

The Wine Enthusiast is based in New York and runs The Wine Enthusiast Magazine at the website. The content of the magazine comprises, among others, wine prices, featured foods, drinks, wine basics, travel, and wine reviews. Anyone can leave a wine review on the website by first signing up on the website. This magazine’s subscribers get access to wine discounts, an invitation to wine events, wine ratings, and cocktail recipes. The Wine Enthusiast commands a Social Media following of 195,000+ people on Twitter, 223,000+ people on Facebook, and 99,500+ people on Instagram.

5. The Wine Wankers Wine Wankers Mike Asimos Top Wine Influencers

The team that calls itself The Wine Wankers comprises of Australians, Conrad and Drew (Drew currently resides in Sweden). This pair loves wine and their reviews and blog contribution have a touch of humor. The two share more than brands or flavors of a wine. They share tips such as wine consumption while flying economy, biggest glass wine ever, the wines that celebrities consume, and wine preservation tips. Their blog,, commands a social media following of 334,000+ people on Twitter, 23,600+ people on Facebook, and 143,000 people on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Wine lovers, like myself, appreciate every fine detail regarding their wine of choice. For this reason, I find platforms and authorities that feed me rich wine recommendations and wine-related information. Regardless of where the wine influencers are located on the globe, wine lovers can always access them and their information on social media. The above five wine influencers have the highest social media following thanks to their helpful wine-related information.