Just going off the title, I’m sure more than a few readers are already shaking their heads at the mere suggestion that drinking wine out of a can is acceptable. Yes, I’m as big of a fan of a nice bottle of wine as the rest of you, but there are some good options found in cans throughout the world. In fact, I’ve enjoyed so many of them that I decided to put a list together of my favorite canned wine options out there.

Before I get into it, I just want to point out why canned wines are really taking off. The biggest advantage by far is the convenience factor. As more and more people shift away from beer, they can’t deny that it is much easier to crack open a beer than it is to pop a bottle of wine. This is the best of both worlds.

Remember, judging the amount of wine in a can is tricky if you are not used to drinking this way. One 375 milliliter can is half of a typical bottle of wine. It might not initially seem like that much, but drinking wine out of a can gets people drunk in a hurry if they are not careful.

Best Canned Rosé Wine – Underwood Rosé

Underwood Rose Mike Asimos Canned Wine Guide

Price: $28 (4-pack)
Where to Buy: https://shop.unionwinecompany.com/products/underwood-in-a-can-rose

This canned rosé caught me by surprise. In fact, it was one of the first canned wines I actually tried. It is very refreshing, has a unique, yet dependable taste and fits into just about any budget.

Best Canned Pinot Grigio Wine – Ava Grace Vineyards

Ava Grace Pinot Grigio Mike Asimos Canned Wine Guide

Price: $5.99
Where to Buy: https://www.avagracevineyards.com/cans/pinot-grigio-cans/ (to find in stores)

The flavor of the Pinot Grigio option from Ava Grace Vineyards is pretty close to perfect. Their is a pretty strong taste of citrus and green fruits, but nothing too acidity. It’s just mildly sweet, meaning I could probably drink more of these than I should if I don’t watch it. Their Rosé is also good, but I prefer their Pinot Grigio.

Best Canned Champagne – Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini
Blanc de Blancs

Sofia Mini Champagne Mike Asimos Canned Wine Guide

Price: $60 (4-pack)
Where to Buy: https://www.thefamilycoppola.com/en/store/sofiabubbles

This is a fun type of champagne for those who might wish to celebrate something at the spur of the moment. It also tastes pretty good, all things considered. The taste is a blend of fresh pears, melon, and honeysuckle. It’s something a lot of people just need to try to see if they are a fan of this type of champagne. It might not be commonly used, but convenience can’t be argued.

It can be purchased online, but a lot of people will end up trying it at an establishment. If a person ends up really liking the champagne though, the company actually offers a subscription service so the supply never runs low.

Best Canned Cabernet – Simpler Wines

Simpler Wines Canned Cabernet Mike Asimos Canned Wine Guide

Price: $3.99 (4-pack)
Where to Buy: Purchase At Trader Joe’s around the country

Trader Joe’s offers a number of Simpler Wines options, but the cabernet in a can was something that really seemed to hit the spot best. There is nothing crazy about the flavor, but sometimes that can be a good thing. A lot of the wines out there can end up messing things up simply by trying to hard.

It’s nearly impossible to beat the price of Simpler Wines, which is why a lot of people try these out before graduating to more expensive options. While I wasn’t crazy about some of the Simpler Wines, the canned cabernet tasted good enough.

Best Canned Merlot – Bridge Lane Wine White Merlot

Bridge Lane White Merlot Mike Asimos Canned Wine Guide

Price: $34 (4-pack)
Where to Buy: http://shop.liebcellars.com/product/Bridge-Lane-White-Merlot-4-Pack-Cans

Out of all the canned wine options, this is definitely up there as one of my favorites. The company spent a lot of time on getting the flavor just right, and it comes off as a steal.

The red Merlot grapes really taste great in this wine, and it pairs well with the citrus and Fuji apple flavors. Despite the flavors, the wine actually smells more like grapefruit than anything else. What makes this truly unique is the merlot is white due to the juice of the red grapes having no contact with the skin. How crazy is that?!