For a wine aficionado, an important aspect of the wining experience is to visit various wineries. True enough, wine tourism has turned into a popular pastime not just for wine lovers but also for the curious types. Every year, more and more people are heading to wine countries to visit wineries and vineyards. When it comes to wineries, there are certain ones that are considered to be a must-visit such as Sonoma, Napa and many places in Europe. However, there are also many wine lovers who prefer to discover hidden gems by visiting lesser-known wineries.

In this post, you will learn some of the best wineries in the world that should go into your list of places to visit in 2016:

Temecula, California

There is no shortage of amazing wineries in the Northern California region but Southern California? While it is relatively new, the Temecula region is now home to about 24 wineries. Over the years, the Temecula region has turned into a staycation destination for many SoCal wine lovers. The Temecula region is located about an hour north of San Diego, which makes it accessible for most people.

Toro, Zamora

Spain is known for its historic wine towns like Salamanca, Leon, and Avila. However, there is one town in Zamora that is quickly becoming one of the biggest wine regions in the country. The Toro wine region stretches along the northern banks of the Duero river which is about a 2-hour drive from northwest of Madrid. When coming here, you can’t afford to miss the “Tinta de Toro” aka Toro’s Red.

The Major Players in the World of Red Wine from Mike Asimos on Vimeo.

For those looking for a nice red wine, take a look at the video above, you may even see one of these vineries being featured!

Istria, Slovenia

Slovenia’s wine production dates back to the fourth century and even predates the Roman wine production. That goes without saying that Slovenia has deep cultural winemaking roots. It so happens that the Istria region produces the country’s best wines. It is unfortunate that with such a rich winemaking history, Slovenia is still quite obscure for the international wine community. Check out the Vinakoper winery while you’re there.

Niagara Peninsula, Canada

This may come as a surprise considering Ontario’s intense climate but the winemakers in the Niagara Peninsula has managed it. The wineries in the region actually make what they call the “icewine” which is a sweet and acidic dessert wine. This is perfect for wine aficionados who are looking to try something different. Be sure not to miss Inniskillin for its icewine and cheese pairing.