I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world, and since I’m a huge fan of wine, I get asked a lot about which locations have the best options. I don’t always pick my vacation spots based on the quality of wine, but sometimes it just works out that way.


Here are four wine destinations picked by me, Michael Asimos, that I fell in love with that might not be talked about all that often that you should consider visiting in 2019.


The country of Georgia seems to be overlooked quite a bit just in general. When I visited, I didn’t expect to find great wine spots. They are actually huge in the area, made by families for the most part. I specifically checked out the wine region of Kakheti, which was just beautiful in general. The prices were reasonable and there were options for all different types of taste buds.

Georgia’s wine towns are mostly tucked away, so do research beforehand to see which one is close by. I personally fell in love Tbilisi as a city and it was close to the wine region.

CroatiaMichael Asimos Underrated Wine Destinations 2019

To stick with the “underrated” theme, Croatia is another slept on country. People don’t realize just how beautiful the country can be. Their wine is much like their culture in general, which is a mix of the Mediterranean and central Europe. The beaches in the country are beautiful, but heading to the north to a town called Momjan was a wonderful experience for me. I could instantly be welcomed as if I was a local, even though very little English was spoken. They all share a strong passion for wine, which is great to see halfway across the world.

The coastline of Istria is also a nice place to visit for those people looking for a nice coast and wine at the same time. A lot of people enjoy seafood and wine in that region of the country. It is a relatively small country, so multiple areas can be explored for sure.

Southern Half of California

Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival Michael Asimos

Napa Valley is synonymous with wine in California, while Southern California gets the reputation for beaches, beautiful weather, Hollywood and more. I actually prefer a trip to Southern California due to the variety of wines available in the region.

Temecula really feels like the epicenter of the Southern California wine movement. It is a short drive south of Los Angeles, and definitely has a more laid back feel compared to the sometimes stuck up attitude of Napa Valley. Temecula hosts an annual Balloon and Wine Festival that can’t be missed! If in the area, don’t sleep on Southern California by any means. They are carving out their own name when it comes to wine in the state. It also helps that they area has beautiful scenery.

Alto Adige (Italy)

Alright, I know what people are thinking. How could an area of Italy be underrated when it comes to wine? Well, not many people head to Alto Adige, relatively speaking, and they are well known for their whites in particular. In fact, I had some of my favorite whites in this reason.

If the name sounds somewhat familiar, the area is the birthplace of the Pinot Grigio trend that seems to be going on. It is a beautiful area, with a lot of influence from Germany. I was actually thrown off at first with all the German spoken in the area, but they definitely embrace their Italian side with the wine. Go for the whites and stay for the reds. You will not be disappointed.