Wine is sold more for Thanksgiving Day celebrations than for any other holiday or at any other time of year, according to Better Homes and Gardens. So, it’s important to consider what wines you will serve with the Thanksgiving meal, to get the best deals and have the best selection available. If you’re in need of some ideas or suggestions on suitable wines, I, Mike Asimos have plenty of recommendations. Here are a few of the more popular wine choices that pair nicely with Thanksgiving meals.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are suitable for those who don’t want to make too much of a deal about wine. The dry Brut varieties are greater for serving guests as they arrive. They can also be served at the table. Avoid sweet wines, as they do not complement the main courses of Thanksgiving dinner, such as turkey breast, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and vegetables.


White wines are suitable for Thanksgiving dinner. The best varieties have a lighter, more floral, fruity, or tangy flavor. Some recommendations are Sauvignon Blanc, Chenic Blanc, and Reisling. Heavier white wines with a woody or oak taste, such as Chardonnay’s, are not the best companions for heavy Thanksgiving foods.

Reisling is growing in popularity, due to its ability to please a range of tastes in wine. It also pairs well with a variety of foods. Reisling can range from very dry to sweet. It’s best to choose a drier version, to complement a broad array of foods placed on the Thanksgiving table. Reisling is also considered a good value, whether it comes from Germany, France, or America.

A good Sauvignon Blanc like Saccere is suitable for those who serve plenty of green vegetables. While this wine complements greens, it can also cleanse the palate of heavy turkey and gravy tastes, so diners can more fully enjoy the flavors of their meal.


Some people believe red wines are not suitable for Thanksgiving. But, lighter varieties work with Turkey and all the trimmings. Cabernet is probably too heavy to complement Thanksgiving foods. But, lighter reds like Zinfandel and Pinot Noir are ideal. Younger Pinot Noir varieties have a fresher taste resembling berries. They go well with the various fruits and berries served with Thanksgiving meals. Zinfandel can also have a slight jam flavor, combined with a hint of spice. This makes it a good pairing with all the desserts served with Thanksgiving meals.Mike Asimos Pinot Noir


Rhone blends have a hint of fig or dried berry. They go well with pumpkin, squash, and stuffing. They also help accentuate the savory side of turkey breast. Beaujolais is another recommendation if you plan to serve plenty of sweet dishes and desserts. It produces a slight savory taste, so it can also enhance turkey.


A rose is perfect for Thanksgiving meals. It has a fruity, but light taste, and can sometimes be a better choice than Zinfandel. It should be chilled for the best flavor enhancement to holiday meals that are heavier in taste and bulk.

Wine choices to serve with Thanksgiving dinner are as much about personal preferences, as they are about the food. However, by keeping simple tips in mind, like sticking to light selections with a fruity or slightly spicy flavor, you can complement many of the foods served at the Thanksgiving table. You will also be able to complement most desserts, like tarts, pies, cakes, and more.

By selecting drier varieties, you will complement the heavier meats and dishes like potatoes, stuffing, and pies. Drier wines go with a wider variety of dishes, when Thanksgiving dinner becomes more of a potluck meal, with everyone bringing their own favorite dish. Feel free to share some suggestions from, me, Mike Asimos, on appropriate wines to serve with your special Thanksgiving dinner.